Work and Place - Where you live may be hazardous to your health

Two reports show “place matters”. Elizabeth Grossman - June 4, 2014.

Where you live may be hazardous to your health. This is the conclusion of several recent reports and studies, among them a supplement to the most recent examination of health disparities by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and an analysis by the Environmental Justice and Health Alliance for Chemical Reform of those who live in communities most vulnerable to hazardous chemical exposures. Together the two paint a disturbing picture of how the neighborhoods in which Americans live and work play a significant role in determining their residents’ health. There should be no doubt about the prevalence of the health threat. Read the full article.


As the environmental justice report, Who’s In Danger, details, more than 40 percent of the US population lives near a facility with the potential for a dangerous chemical or other hazardous material release. The daily roster of chemical accidents presented on the Chemical Safety Board website, shows just how prevalent these incidents are. Read the full article.