Michael Brown and Alison Corwin discuss why NFG membership is so critical for funders in this political climate

In this era of political uncertainty, we as funders have one simple task: accelerate the pace of systemic change for poor communities and communities of color by taking collective action and funding grassroots efforts. NFG is the political home where funders collaborate to make this happen.

As NFG members ourselves, we’ve learned how to fund just economic developmentorganized to move money for justice, and rolled-up our sleeves with other members to have a more powerful, collective impact. Here we have an organizing space that is not only deeply helpful in moving philanthropy forward, but is necessary if we are to work in real partnership with our movements and frontline communities. We invite you to join us in these efforts by becoming an NFG member.

As a bonus, NFG will hold its 2018 National Convening with the theme, Raise Up: Moving Money for Justice, in St. Louis, on June 5-7, 2018. If you’re a new member and you join by December 31 this year, all staff at your organization will get early bird conference rates... trust us, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

We’re here to support you in accelerating community driven change in the places where you work. Contact us with any questions you have about joining NFG or email Lindsay Ryder, NFG Membership Manager, at lindsay@nfg.org, and one of us will walk you through it.

In community and solidarity,



Michael Brown

NFG Board Co-Chair

Seattle Foundation

Alison Corwin

NFG Board Co-Chair

Surdna Foundation