Celebrating 20 Years of Leadership on Labor and Economic Justice

This Labor Day, we are celebrating a milestone—the 20th anniversary of the Working Group on Labor and Community Partnerships (WGLCP). What a feat!

Since 1996, the working group has kept a revolving circle of funders engaged, informed, and organized around funding strategies that expand access to quality employment with higher wages, better working conditions, comprehensive benefits, organizing opportunities, and financial stability for working families.

Check out this fabulous 10-minute video recounting the working group’s history and impact, and how the funder/field landscape has changed since its founding. The video features past and present members of the working group, as well as leaders in the worker rights field. You may see some familiar faces! 

"The working group is still the only home for funders who are dedicated to workers’ rights, labor, and making jobs better... As individual funders, some of us might have some access; some of us might not. But as a body of funders, we’re a force.” — Co-Chair Bob Shull, Public Welfare Foundation

In celebration of this 20th anniversary milestone, the working group is re-launching under a new name: Funders for a Just Economy (FJE). The new name was chosen to reflect an expanded focus on new challenges for workers, addressing income inequality more systemically, and aligning strategies with others in the movement to build both economic and political power.

The working group continues to organize meetings, briefings, and learning tours that help funders to learn, share, collaborate, and align funding around economic justice issues. It remains a member-driven project, and new participants are always welcome. If you’d like to learn more about FJE or get involved, please contact Monique Mehta at moniqueconsults@gmail.com.

FJE’s next program is a post-election briefing in collaboration with Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce (GIST) this November in DC. To learn more, click here.