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California Funders Working Group on Gentrification and Displacement

The California Funders Working Group on Gentrification and Displacement (CA FWGGD) is a working group of funders committed to addressing gentrification and displacement issues in California and nationally. It is now moving into a new phase of work that will result in the creation and capitalization of a collaborative fund. The fund is being designed in consultation with community leaders to advance racial and economic equity and community health in California’s cities, with a focus on supporting community-driven policy solutions to the crisis of gentrification and displacement while equalizing voice, influence, and power in the political process from local to statewide levels.

The working group formed out of ad-hoc and informal discussions in 2014-2015 in response to community organizations’ efforts to engage philanthropic leaders more to address the housing crisis. In July 2015, the working group convened a day-long gathering of over 70 funders and field leaders in order to begin to develop a shared analysis of the problems and solutions for gentrification and displacement in California communities. Building from this convening, the CA FWGGD developed an action-oriented learning community of funders and field leaders who have met regularly to share knowledge and better align responses to the crisis.

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Democratic Development for Thriving Communities: Framing the Issues, Solutions, and Funding Strategies to Address Gentrification and Displacement

The Democratic Development for Thriving Communities report is the result of collaboration between the California Funders Working Group on Gentrification and Displacement, field leaders, and academics. It presents a framework for philanthropy to consider in strategically addressing gentrification and displacement.

While the analysis presented in the report emerged out of discussions about the housing crisis and neighborhood change now underway in strong housing markets in California, this framework intends to illuminate and inform neighborhood changes occurring across a range of cities and regions across California and throughout the U.S.

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City Rising

City Rising is a multi-media documentary that shows how gentrification is deeply rooted in a history of discriminatory laws and practices in the United States. This series illuminates how gentrification is traditionally molded and dictated by those in power. City Rising follows the journey of California communities that are fighting gentrification and features a growing movement of advocates seeking responsible development across the state.

Watch the trailer and full series here.