More About the Democratizing Development Program


Democratizing Development at NFG's 2016 National Convening:

June 14-16, 2016, Oakland, CA

We launched the Democratizing Development Program at NFG's 2016 National Convening: Philanthropic Strategies for People, Place and Power with two workshops and a learning tour.

Photos courtesy of Lonny Meyer Photography

➤  Democratizing Community Change, Reinvestment, and Growth: Who Decides? Who Benefits? Strengthening Community Voice in Development Decision-making

Panelists highlighted solutions to the housing and economic development challenges of low-income people and people of color in Houston, Texas, Bay Area and New York City.  This session shared strategies and tools so everyday residents can reap the benefits of investment in development and set better priorities for their neighborhood.  With grassroots organizing groups partnering in new ways with legal and technical assistance intermediary groups to build community power in decision-making, we are bringing funders together across issues to democratize the development process.

Session Designers:

  • Amy Kenyon and Jerry Maldonado, Program Officers, Ford Foundation
  • Kevin Ryan, Program Director, New York Foundation


  • Nile Malloy, Senior Program Manager, Neighborhood Funders Group
  • Chrishelle Palay, Co-Director, Texas Low Income Housing Information Service (Texas Housers)
  • Ginny Goldman, Executive Director, Texas Organizing Project
  • Sondra Youdelman, Executive Director, Community Voices Heard 
  • David Zisser, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Advocates 

For more information, review notes from the session here.

➤  Working Meeting for Democratizing Development Program

Over forty funders and field leaders participated in the launch of the Democratizing Development Program (DDP) to build and strengthen a learning community of philanthropic institutions to better support people who have been oppressed and disadvantaged by historical profit-based and exclusionary community development practices. The launch was made possible with the fierce leadership of NFG staff, funder partners and consultant Arlene Rodriguez, ARC Associates. 

 Session Designers:

  • Amy Kenyon and Jerry Maldonado, Program Officers, Ford Foundation
  • Alexandra Desautels, Program Manager, The California Endowment


  • Nile Malloy, Senior Program Manager, Neighborhood Funders Group 

Graphic notetaking courtesy of Robert Liu-Trujillo