Resources from the 2013 Convening

We've included resources that were shared during the convening plenaries and concurrent sessions below. The information is arranged by plenary/program session title. 

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Resources from Plenaries

Voting Rights, Southern Progress, and Our National Future: Implications for Communities and Philanthropy

Shared Fate: Immigration, Changing Demographics and Economic Justice in the New South

The Evolving Role of Young People in Movements for Justice

A Practice-Based Dialogue on Lessons Learned from Place-Based Comprehensive Community Change Initiatives: Where Do We Go From Here?

Resources from Concurrent Sessions

Progress in Spite of Polarization

PowerPoint Presentation  

Organizing Models for the Foreclosure Crisis

The Future of Work is Already Here: How Growing Income Inequality and New Paradigms in Work are Driving New Models of Worker Organizing

Bolder Together: The California Civic Participation Collaborative, Experiences and Strategies Partnering with Labor Philanthropy and the Field

Jackson Neighborhood Learning Tour

As the South Goes: Linking National and Regional Funders to Advance Southern and National Progress

Find the full report and executive summary on our website here.

Build the Ladder AND Raise the Floor: Reframing Workforce Development for the New Economy

Inside/Outside Strategies for Social Change

ACA Implementation in the South: Getting to Where We Need to Go

ACA in the South: PowerPoint Presentation

Curious About Unions? Demystifying Them and Why They Should Matter to Philanthropy

Implicit Racial Bias: A Practical Guide to Unlocking Racial Anxiety and Advancing Justice

Democratizing Development: Community-led Responses to Displacement and Neighborhood Revitalization

Creating Thriving Neighborhoods through Community/Funder Partnerships: Effectiveness and Challenges of Place-Based Grantmaking Initiatives

The Nation's Wake-Up Call: Critical Strategies to Address the Black Jobs Crisis

Education as a Civil Right

Resources from the Mississippi Delta Learning Tour

Resources from the Social Justice Institute