FJE Alabama Learning Tour: Live Streaming Times

Funders for a Just Economy's Alabama Learning Tour is taking place next week in Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham. For everyone who isn't able to join, we will be live streaming select sessions on November 6-8 and digitizing highlights from the learning tour.

See below for times to tune in on the Neighborhood Funders Group Facebook page each day of the tour, starting Monday, November 6th.

You can also keep up with the discussions on the Funders for a Just Economy Twitter feed (@FundJustEconomy)with  and .


Day 1 — Monday, November 6th (4:20 – 5:30 pm CT)


Understanding Systemic Racism and Labor’s History in Alabama

  • Dr. Nyesha Black, University of Alabama, Birmingham
  • Scott Douglas, Greater Birmingham Ministries
  • Sia Sanneh, Equal Justice Initiative
  • Dr. Black, Scott and Sia will provide a history of how policies and traditions from the slavery economy transitioned into the agriculture, iron, and now to manufacturing industries in Alabama. The impact of this legacy includes the development of economic policies meant to exclude communities of color, feeding them into unjust work conditions and incarceration as a way to maintain structural racism and poverty. They will also share the history of labor in Alabama and instances of when labor helped spur progressive policies and instances of when it was complicit in exploitation of workers of color. Lastly, they will provide a brief understanding of how these legacies have shaped the current political economy of Alabama. 

Day 2 — Tuesday, November 7th (2:00 – 3:30 pm CT)


Low-Wage Workers’ Health & Safety in the Context of Criminal, Environmental & Immigration Policy

  • Isabel Rubio, Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama
  • Jessica Vosburgh, Adelante Alabama
  • Esther Calhoun, Black Belt Citizens for Health and Justice
  • Kristi Graunke, Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Isabel and Jessica will share the experiences of Latino immigrants after the passage of 2011’s HB 56, which requires police officers to enforce immigration laws based on “reasonable suspicion” of a person being the US without documentation. They will also describe how Latino immigrants are fighting wage and hour violations through the Birmingham based worker center. Esther and Kristi will describe health and safety issues that workers face in the booming poultry and catfish industries. Esther will further share information about the environmental hazards they are currently facing in Uniontown, as they are on the frontlines of water contamination and pollution.

Day 3 — Wednesday, November 8th (10:30 – 11:45 am CT)


Economic Policies in the New South: Power Building through Litigation, Leadership Development, and Social Justice Infrastructure

  • Lauren Jacobs, Magic City Acceptance Center
  • Chris Nanni, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham
  • Cassandra Welchin, Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative
  • Shannan Reaze, Atlanta Jobs with Justice
  • This panel will add to the morning conversation and hone in on building social justice infrastructure with women of color, youth, and the LGBTQ community at the center. It will also describe how groups are moving beyond service provision to creating and campaigning on policy solutions. MLICCI and ATL Jobs with Justice will provide an overview of how they built community power with women of color at the center to win change, to share more of a regional perspective of what is possible in the South.


Click here for the full tour itinerary.