About Neighborhood Funders Group


NFG Mission Statement

Neighborhood Funders Group (NFG) is a membership association of grantmaking institutions. Our mission is to build the capacity of philanthropy to advance social justice and community change. NFG organizes the field, develops leaders, and cultivates thought leadership among its national base of members and encourages the support of policies and practices that advance economic, racial, and social justice.


NFG Statement of Core Values

Neighborhood Funders Group's fundamental commitment is to economic and social justice for people in low and moderate income communities both urban and rural throughout the United States.

Justice can be achieved only when people gain the political and economic power necessary to make key decisions about their futures, and the future of their communities. NFG believes that true self-determination includes three important elements: the development and support of effective community organizations to promote collective action; the identification, nurturing and support of individual leaders; and the creation and support of networks and alliances to encourage mutual aid among individuals and organizations.

NFG is committed to inclusiveness within its own organization and the organizations and communities with whom our members work.  We affirm diversity in its various forms, including but not limited to, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, class, religion and philosophy. We promote understanding and appreciation of these differences to eliminate racism, bigotry and other forms of intolerance. We believe that to build more sustainable and just communities, our efforts must reflect the characteristics of those living in the communities we serve and recognize and illuminate their authentic voices.

NFG believes that positive engagement between funders and non profit organizations must be built on respect. The inequality of power and resources between funders and community-based organizations often makes it difficult to create respectful relationships in which grantmakers are able to learn from those they fund. We support efforts to establish respectful working relationships across issues and constituencies with both community organizations and other organizations of funders.

Overall, NFG believes that its success can best be measured by a continuing improvement in the quality of its members' work and the work of organizations that its members fund. For NFG, quality is measured in terms of increased social and economic justice; vibrant, effective community-based organizations; strong and effective community leaders; and the ability of communities and individuals to shape their own futures.