7/23: Webinar on Climate Change

Webinar: Wednesday, July 23, 2014, Noon-1:00 PM EDT



Contact: Sarah DeNicola, Membership Program Manager, sarah@confluencephilanthropy.org

Divest-Invest Philanthropy (Webinar II)
Please join Confluence Philanthropy and Divest-Invest Philanthropy for an informational webinar on the Divest-Invest Philanthropy initiative. Learn the who, what, why, and how of this historic movement straight from the Divest Invest leaders themselves, including a Q&A session. This webinar will offer participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the issues and the fossil fuel divestment movement, focused on the catalytic role of philanthropy.

In January 2014, under the banner of “Divest-Invest Philanthropy,” 17 foundations—with combined assets of more than $2 billion—publicly announced their joint leadership in fossil fuel divestment and clean energy investment. Since January, other foundations have joined the movement.  We envision this growing rapidly, with increasing numbers of philanthropies joining from US and globally, with period events held to announce new signatories. The next anticipated event isSeptember 23rd in New York, to coincide with the UN Summit on Climate.
Investments—just like grants— are financial expressions of values. No mission-driven or cause-based organization should hold investments in industries that undercut their mission or pose a direct threat to the public good.  In addition to the ethical imperative to divest, foundations are responding to the financial risks in their portfolios, carbon bubble, stranded assets and over-valuation of stocks. Therefore, please join us in divesting from fossil fuel energy stocks and investing to advance climate solutions rather than drive the crisis.
The 17 foundations that launched "Divest-Invest Philanthropy" are calling on their peers to: "Assess, Consult, and Commit."

Assess: Conduct an assessment of their exposure to climate change risk, defining the degree to which we are invested in fossil fuels versus climate solutions and investments that support their mission.

Consult: Launch a dialogue among Board and Staff on investment strategies that align

Commit: Create a timetable and process, commensurate with the pace of climate change, for both (1) eliminating all fossil fuels from investment portfolios and (2) investing in a new, clean energy economy through renewables, clean tech and other innovations.  Help lead discussions that will encourage other institutions to do the same.
Who is eligible to participate?
Participation in this event is open to funders and financial advisors with foundation clients, and is not open to grantseeking organizations.

Speakers to include:

Ellen Dorsey
Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund

Jenna Nicholas (Moderator)
Coordinator, Divest-Invest Philanthropy

Richard Woo
Executive Director, The Russell Family Foundation

Thomas Van Dyck
Senior Vice President- Financial Advisor
SRI Wealth Management Group, RBC Wealth Management